Part One:
Brian Kelsey grew up not ever knowing that there were people –trained men and women, who were actually hired to perform such tasks as lay tile, build cabinetry, fix plumbing and electrical problems. He never knew that there were competent professionals that knew color, fabric and room design.
Why? Because in Brian’s household, his father and mother took on these roles. When it was time for a kitchen remodel in 1983, it was Brian’s father that built and installed the fashionable red oak cabinets with brass hardware, layed the brown tile and hand built the vanilla colored formica countertop. ..all with the help of his assistant and chief inspector, Brian.
In 1976 when Brian’s mom decided to re-design the family room, Brian watched in amazement as she designed and sewed all the in style red and brown leaf print curtains and pillows, and coordinated them with a gold shag carpet and textured lampshades. Little Brian helped his mom arrange the furniture and wash out the paint brushes.
It wasn’t until years after Brian learned these skills from his parents, that he realized most people don’t do renovation and design themselves. They hire someone.
Through the years Brian turned into that someone most people hire to handle various carpentry/renovation projects. Brian realized he wasn’t going to make his fortune in home renovation. So while his career path took him into the land of tv and radio voice-overs, he kept his obession for renovation and design alive by incessantly working on his own homes.
Part Two:
These days, Brian is a wanted man. Still a licensed contractor, he is wanted by his wife of 9 years to have just one month go by without seeing a tarp of some kind draped in the house, and to finish one project before he moves on to the next. Wanted by his two young sons to build a custom Star Wars inspired addition to their swingset. He is wanted by his friends and neighbors to build skateboard ramps for their kids…move toilets and fix garages that won’t close at 11:40pm in the dead of winter on a school night. He is wanted by co-workers in need of renovation resources and fresh ideas for their spaces. There was one time where a neighbor had new wall-to-wall carpet installed, and afterwards realized they couldn’t open a door because the carpet was too high, they called Brian rather than their carpet professional to come over...he had to shave a half inch off the bottom of the door...Brian grabbed his tools, crossed the street...problem solved. He happily does all of this, because he loves it…AND because he likes to show that it is all really not that hard to do.
Recent projects Brian has completed range from complete kitchen addition/remodels, to custom cabintry and built-ins, to bathroom overhauls, decks, coffer ceilings and more.
When Brian doesn’t have a hammer in his hand or his head buried in a computer, he is in an airplane; both as a private pilot and skydiver. On the ground he is an avid musician in a working band both as a drummer and keyboardist. But above all of this, he is a devoted husband and father.

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