Thursday, March 4, 2010

"New Shows: What is HGTV Looking For?"

I'm sitting here watching HGTV, and wondering - what's the next big thing?   I have watched this network since the beginning, I know it inside and out...the hosts and their backgrounds, the shows, the production companies who make the shows, everything!  So what do viewers want?  Well, I certainly have some ideas.  A LOT of ideas.  The upper echelon at HGTV have told me personally that " are the perfect host for HGTV Brian, now bring us a show!"   Ok, that's one hurdle in the making of a home renovation show.
Now, the show.  (sigh).  What makes a home renovation show succesful?  Honestly I do not know.  What do you think?  What do you like in a show?  I do know a general outline of what HGTV wants;  here is what they told me:
  • New faces.
  • A great story.
2 years ago we pitched "2 Hands: Life with Brian".   Though they loved it, it was just bad timing.  Here is the promo I cut together for it:
I think I am going to go straight to the source, and get some insight, right?  Let's see if we can get someone from show development at HGTV to do a quick Q & A here.  Hopefully it will give you and me, an inside look as to what to expect from HGTV in the coming months, and what they are looking for in new shows.  That should help, in the making of a home renovation show.


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