Monday, November 8, 2010

I am happy to report that we are finished with our home renovation pilot.  Going against proper tv world etiquette, I am going to show you the entire 10 min pilot.  It's called "Bottom Line Design", and it's the brainchild of my co-host in the show, Carolina Fernandez.

Whether it gets picked up or not is any one's call.  While we are very proud of it, there is still a slim chance of getting the green light.  So while THIS show is under review, I am forging on and shooting other ideas!  I am so excited to start shooting a series of 6 minute mini episodes of "Kelsey On The House".
See my website  Again, you will be along for the ride every step of the way.
Our first shoot, is going to be with the Editor In Chief of Gotham/Hamptons magazine (and fashion guru seen all over tv) Samantha Yanks.  I am going to have her show me the latest fashion trends all around NYC, then I will build something inspired by, or using materials from, that fashion item.
Episode two will be with a celebrity, episode four will have a different theme, and so-on.  More details on that project as they develop...


Dwayne - Graphic Designer said...

Found your site while looking for a DYI window replacement info. Very cool renovation. When my wife and I watch most of the shopw it seems that every decent bathroom or kitchen reno costs something like 30-40K. Its nice to see something nicely done within a much more modest budget. I am alway curious though. The costs included are for the materials or do they consider your time/labor design fee for things like demo.. Hope your show gets picked up. Its would be nice to see more projects like this. Love the conversion of an existing piece.

Hank Summers said...

Great posts and has me interested for sure. Can't help but become a fan of home renovation after purchasing a home.

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