Friday, February 26, 2010

"The Tweeting of the Minds"

I have to say, writing this blog feels very narcissistic.  I've never used the word "I" so much in my life.  That being said, let's talk more about me.
The dialogue continues with my new cable television development/acquisition friends.
They want to meet again in a week or two to discuss more tv plans.  With their permission I think I am going to snap some pictures during the meeting, so I can take you along for the ride.   I know that is not the most exciting photojournalism in the world, but why not?  Watch for a twitter update during the meeting too.  While most people I think hate meetings, I LOVE meetings.  I love standing up and talking at meetings; new people, new opportunities, all good stuff.  Though I never quite get it right when it comes to what to wear to meetings; does someone my age really have to own shoes other than sneakers?
As I have mentioned in previous posts, the irony of this situation is that the more time and energy I put toward this tv endeavor, the less time there is left for me to actually spend in my shop doing what I love...home renovation.
In other the making of a home renovation show news we are going to be shooting soon.  Shooting what?  Well, it's what the guys in biz call a "sizzle reel".  A sizzle reel is more a less a demo of a show idea, to help sell it or the personalities.  I'll be shooting two, both to demonstrate the germ of a show idea as well as to demonstrate the rapport between myself and the two other amazing woman I will be teaming up with.  One focus' on design, with celeb designer Courtney Cachet, and the other deals in the money side of renovation with financial guru and author Carolina Fernandez.  As soon as I get even the roughest footage, I will post a short clip here.  In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, here is my latest on-camera demo.  YES, I did use Tom Jones music in it.  The man has hits ya' know.  Oh, and I used the word "I" 16 times in this post :)


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