Friday, February 26, 2010

"Renovators Unite! (ed House Wrecking)

Over the years, I have built of a large arsenal of resources in home renovation, and I plan on sharing them all. There is one resource though, that I have loved since I was a little boy and the place has stood the test of time. United House Wrecking, in Stamford, CT. This is not a paid promotion kids, this is just my 2 cents of a GREAT place to find anything and everything for your home. My dad and I used to go to United House Wrecking back in the late 70's/early 80's, and back then they had a myriad of unique architectural items salvaged from homes being torn down. Today, they still have those unique items, but they have grown and offer many replica's and new items.
At any given time you'll find things like a full mahogany bar, a giant elephant, mantles, doors, windows, nautical items...anything you can imagine. Adding an architectural item to any style home gives it instant character. In my new kitchen that I just built, I found an old window that I converted in a a cabinet door. In my living room, I found another unique window that I built a whole unit around. So if you need a 'freshen up', try architectural salvage, and try places like United House Wrecking.


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