Monday, February 22, 2010

"What's New Is Old, and What's Old is...Old"

One of the major things I have noticed in this process, is that I have been spending more time on the computer, than in the shop. I do have a fantastic publicist and a great agent, but in the end it is me that needs to keep up with social media, to research (which includes watching tv!), send out emails, create pitches, and promote myself etc. Oh, and did I mention I still need to earn a living and support a wife and 2 kids? I thrive on this, so it's all good; but I'd rather be in a cloud of swirling sawdust with a crisp #2 pencil, coffee and my trusty tape measure creating masterpieces in my shop.
So while I will update you on meetings, and other sorts of things where I have to wear something other than jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers, I will also show you some projects, big and small, I am working on in the shop, with tips and techniques.
So here we go...
This was a mahogany dresser I bought on ebay...later transformed into a bathroom vanity. I fabricated a new top out of 2" solid mahogany, routed out a hole for the sink, and used the same profile for the edge of the counter. The top drawer was removed to make room for the sink, however I permanently re-attached the drawer front. The second drawer is functional, but I had to modify it to make room for the drain pipe. A little stain for the top to match it to the original piece, and voila!


Todd said...

Recall your love of Mahogany.. looks beautiful

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