Monday, February 22, 2010


Well, I had a GREAT meeting last week with a company that happens to be one town over from where I live.  They produce, manage, and aquire cable tv shows - right up my ally.
Over a delicious lunch, we discussed how we could possibly work together.  I have a great realtionship with HGTV, and it tuns out, so do they.  Could this be the match I have been looking for?  They would combine forces with a separate tv production company, to produce a home renovation show.  So the relationships I have developed with tv production companies over the past couple of years would still be intact.  These production companies have helped me out A LOT by shooting and editing and pitching my stuff for free, so it is essential I keep them along for the ride.  Again, building, maintaining and servicing relationships is what it is all about.
Anyway, they liked my ideas, so more meetings to come...details as they become available.
In the meantime, I have noticed a TON of gutter problems lately - just driving around my town.  Before you renovate the inside of your house, make sure the outside of your house is doing it's job.
Water, oh water…it keeps us alive, yet it’s the number one thing could take down your house.  Too many times, important water defending items such as gutters, proper drainage and sump pumps are last on the “to-do” list of things that need repairing.  Sure, it’s not as glamorous as say, a new media room in your basement.  But, how glamorous is your media room (that you spend $20,000 on) going to look under water?  You just tacked on another $5,000 in repairs to your $20,000 media room, along with a big headache.  By spending $250 on new gutters and $750 on a perimeter drain around your foundation, you have just saved yourself thousands and thousands in repairs, and countless sleepless rainy nights wondering if your basement is dry.  Leaky gutters, over time will systematically take down your house.  Water leaks from the gutters, into windows and behind walls where it eventually turns into mold.  The mold not only is an obvious health hazard, but breaks down the very structure of the sheetrock or wood it invades.  The moral of the story is keep water out!  Take the time to inspect your gutters, repair them and make sure water is being carried safely away from your foundation.
If you are not comfortable on a ladder, spend the money to have someone else do it.
You (and your basement) will be thankful you did!


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