Monday, March 15, 2010

"HGTV and Stuff"

We had a great shoot on saturday morning, despite the hurricane-like conditions. The hour or-so footage we shot, will be whittled down to about :45 worth of finished material to be a part of 4 minute sizzle reel. Though I wore my baseball hat, I didn't shave, or wear any fancy boy clothes on camera for this shoot, I DO have very specific ideas of how I want this to look overall, so I am going to edit the whole thing and create all of the graphics myself. So if there is anyone to blame how it turns out - it'll be me! But I think it'll be pretty super fantastic.
In other HGTV news...
"The Creative Edge With Brian" seems to be getting revitalized over at HGTV. We heard from the various departments involved in selling our little mini-shows to sponsors. If you don't know, "The Creative Edge With Brian" are little :30 quick-tip mini-shows I created with the help of Seven C's Productions and Mindsmack. HGTV loved the idea and we got the green light last fall to produce, but it all seems to rely on the sales team actually selling them before we can can produce more. Anyway, there seems to be some movement..which is good news. The graphics need to be tweeked though. The graphics packages I made for the show didn't fit in with HGTV's new branding style. So they provided us with static graphic elements that they created...from there I animated them (which I am still in the process fo doing). Anyway, Below is an example of one that I did (using my original graphics, and the old title):


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