Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Shoot Update"

Well kids, the editing in the first sequence of the sizzle reel for this new show idea is moving along swimmingly.  In a side note I can't believe I just said swimmingly...
There is something very odd and narcissistic about editing and producing video of myself.  It's like I am two separate people - Brian "the host" and Brian "the editor".
Normally, I have an editor and producer cut together the sequences of a television show.
But I love doing it so much that I wanted to do it this time.  And I realllly want it to be cut a certain way.  After all this is just a 5 minute sizzle reel to help sell the dang thang.  The only downside is that I have to look at my ugly mug on the screen for hours at a time.
It is a fine line when producing one of these types of reels; you don't want to put too much into it, because the chances are very good that it won't get sold. BUT you don't want to just slop something together either.
Here are some production stills from the very lean and mean shoot, day one:


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